The Vina Moses Center Serving Benton County Families

December 2014
Dear Friends,

We at the Vina Moses Center have much to be thankful for. During difficult financial times we continue to be able to serve families and children in Benton County. Each month about 1,000 people come to the Center to select clothing, toys, and household goods for their families. In the fall, 1100 children get school supplies and clothing at the Back to School Program. This Christmas we look forward to being able to provide 1200 families with food and/or gifts.
We need your participation again this year. You can help families in many ways: sponsor a family, take a gift to a giving tree, donate non perishable food or volunteer your time. Information about ways to help is below. Thank you for your time, talents, goods, and financial support. Your gifts make a difference to the families we serve and to our community. All of us at Vina Moses are wishing all of you a wonderful Christmas and joyful New Year.

Christine Duffney
Executive Director

Our Holiday Work Schedule

Volunteers Needed *
To volunteer call 541-753-1420. If no one is available to talk about the schedule, leave your name, phone number and a convenient time for us to return your call.
Dec. 1 Dec. 12
Volunteers to sort food, make food baskets, and display toys. Arrangements may be made for groups wanting to volunteer after school or evenings between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Friday,Dec. 12
Volunteers to pick gifts up from Giving Tree locations.
Saturday,Dec. 13
Volunteers with cars to make deliveries to families unable to pick up food/gifts starting at 9 a.m.

Dec. 15-18 All week
One volunteer with a pickup or van, to be on call during the day to pick up food and toys from giving trees and food drives. We do not know very far in advance when someone will ask for donation pickup.
Dec. 15-18 Monday - Wednesday
Volunteers to work at the check in table,*give out food boxes, assemble food boxes, restock toy displays, work at check out table* from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.each day and 4:30 7:00 p.m. Wednesday
December 18
Volunteers to clean up, pack up, & move out of center starting at 2 p.m.

*Some Spanish speakers needed.

Other Ways to Help

The Vina Moses Center provides baskets of gifts and food to more than 1200 low-income Benton County families each year. There are many ways for you to help:

Food Drives: Collect non-perishable foods for distribution with Christmas baskets

Toy/Gift Collection: Collect toys and gifts for children of the families we provide baskets for.

Fundraise: Collect funds to purchase perishable foods.

Volunteer: Help pack food baskets. Make gift baskets. Help distribute baskets.

Sponsor A Family: Sponsor a family for $75.00 (family of 4). Any cash donations are appreciated.

Adopt A Family: You/your group provides food and gift basket for a family assigned to you. You may provide both food and gifts or just food or gifts. You may wish to deliver your basket to the family or have the Center deliver it for you. The cost for this program is approximately $200.00 for a family of 5; this includes gifts for adults. Please keep this in mind when deciding on the number of families or size of family that you wish to adopt.

Giving Tree: You can display a giving tree in your business or organization that will carry tags. Each tag will describe a child or senior citizen with their age and gender. The number of names is up to you, and you can choose a combination of kids and seniors, or just one or the other. People take a tag, buy a gift and return it unwrapped to the tree.

Gifts from the Giving Trees
For many years, Vina Moses prepared the Christmas baskets for each family. It was a huge task picking out the right toy or correct size for each child. The Christmas season of 2009 it was decided allow parents to pick out the appropriate gift and clothing for their children. An array of toys and clothing are displayed for them to choose from. These are the items that you make available by taking tags from our Giving Trees. It is a huge success with our families and volunteers. Volunteers have more time to prepare the food baskets that each family receives.

Thank You to Boy Scout Troop 3 !

Vina Moses Center wishes to express their sincere appreciation to Corvallis Boys Scout Troop 3 for their generous donation for Christmas. Troop 3 has provided 80-100 trees annually for several years to meet the Vina Moses and the community needs.
If you are planning to purchase a Christmas tree this year please give the Boy Scout tree lot a look.They are located behind the Armory, Kings Blvd and Grant Avenue.

Thank you for your help,
Harry Lorz, Vina Moses Volunteer

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