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"When I was homeless you helped me to come up with enough money to move into my apartment. When I did not have a pot or pan you provided for me. I am no longer homeless.  I am appreciative of all you do. This is how you have affected my life, I thank you." - S D 

Help Prevent Homelessness

Your contributions to FISH helped 43 families facing eviction stay in their homes in 2002. Preventing homelessness is one of the many vital functions served by the FISH program which is administered through the Vina Moses center. FISH provides emergency financial assistance of many other kinds to families and individuals in need as well. More details are provided below. The United Way of Benton County, Cities of Corvallis and Philomath, and your contributions help continue the struggle against homelessness. 

Volunteers receive requests by phone. All relevant information is gathered and a decision is made as to what assistance can be provided. The decisions are made on a case by case basis, with help from a experienced supervisor. Our goal is to help families remain in their homes, with basic human needs intact. Thus, their ability to maintain payments in the future is an important part of the decision making process. All funds are released directly to the vendor, not the clients themselves.

The kind people at FISH, I graciously thank you for filling my prescription for medication to ease the pain in my broken shoulder. God Bless you.
— Homeless client, KR.

FISH Program Feels the Financial Pinch

The financial squeeze on the FISH program is greater than most of the other programs at Vina Moses. The recent limits and added co-pays for prescription drug coverage from the OHP and the loss by many more of health insurance altogether has increased the number of FISH requests for health services. Please consider a gift to the FISH program. We will of course honor your wishes for your gift.

Contact FISH for any questions.

or emergency assistance by calling the following number instead of calling the Vina Moses Center:

Call: 541-752-4688  

What type of assistance does FISH offer?

Rent payments
FISH helps pay rent for clients who are faced with eviction notices and have a limited amount of time to act. Payments vary but tenant status and payment history are investigated before any payments are approved. Payments vary from partial rent to full rent to deposits as well. Occasionally we are able to set up a payment plan with the landlord.

Prescription drugs
Due to a statewide budget deficit, many thousands of people have been cut from the Oregon Health Plan. They in turn, ask FISH for assistance for help with prescription drug benefits which can cost anywhere from a $3.00 co payment up to $200 dollars per prescription, with many people taking more than one prescription. In addition to prescriptions, FISH has helped with eyeglass prescriptions and dentist visits.

Employment needs
FISH will pay for special shoes clothes which a job applicant needs for a position that the center does not have in stock. Licenses or permits as well as GED, and other certifications training are paid for by FISH. Oregon ID cards and drivers license fees are sometimes paid.

Transportation needs
Greyhound bus tickets for in state travel only, some local bus passes to help with getting to work and the grocery store. Also, needed car repairs and insurance premiums, and gasoline for job commuting, interviews, and Dr. appointments are also paid by FISH.

FISH will help prevent shutoffs. Often with utilities FISH works with the clients and their utility providers and other agencies to keep utilities connected and/or get them reconnected if they have been shutoff already.