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School Program August 22-25

Taylor Howard

We have already begun preparations for our School Program. As always we need children’s sizes 8-14 for girls and boys. Donations of school supplies are also needed. Your contributions made it possible for us to help 900 children prepare for school last year.  Our goal is to help all the children requesting assistance, but our budget is limited. You can help by sponsoring one or more children. The cost is $50.00 per child.

The Center makes many changes during the week of the School Program so we can use some “muscle’ on Monday and Tuesday August 20 and 21st.

To learn more about how you can help with the School Program click here!


Christmas is Just Around the Corner

Taylor Howard

Dear Friends,

Each month about 1,000 people come to the Center to select clothing, toys, and household goods for their families. In the fall, 1000 children receive school supplies and clothing during the Back to School Program. 

For many years, Vina Moses prepared Christmas baskets for each family. It was a huge task picking out the right toy or correct size for each child. Starting in the 2009 Christmas season we began letting parents pick out appropriate gifts and clothing for their children. An array of toys and clothing are displayed for them to choose from and last year 582 children received gifts. These are the items that you made available by taking tags from our Giving Trees. It is a huge success with our families and volunteers. This Christmas we look forward to being able to provide 1000 families with food and/or gifts.

We need your participation again this year. You can help families in many ways: sponsor a family, take a gift to a giving tree, donate non perishable food or volunteer your time. Information about ways to help is inside this letter. 

Thank you for your time, talents, goods, and financial support. Your gifts make a difference to the families we serve and to our community. All of us at Vina Moses are wishing all of you a wonderful Christmas and joyful New Year.

Christine Duffney
Executive Director

To learn more about how you can help this Christmas season click here!